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Turkey, Turkish lifestyle and Turkish homes


Turkish lifestyle is quite similar with the live in other Mediterranean countries. My friend always says: “I like almost everything, turkish people, the lifestyle, the nightlife, the weather, the food and especially the hospitality. I love the sun, the sea and nature”. Living in Turkey can be very comfortable and healthy.

Brief view of Turkey

Turkey has become a modern country with western values and norms, since Mustafa Kemal Atatatürk founded Turkey as a Presidential Republic in 1923. The country has a unique geographic location between the East and the West and therefore Turkey is also called The Gateway to Europe.

It’s a country for all seasons and all ages. In spring you can bask in the glorious Mediterranean sunshine and on the same day you can ski on the lofty Taurus mountaintops some kilometres behind.

Turkey is mainly covered by forests, agriculture and grasslands. The country is surrounded by sea on three sides, the Black Sea  in the north, the Aegean Sea in the west and the Mediterranean in the south. You can travel along the coastline for 7200 kilometers. The coastline is a dream.

Even if you spend only a short time in Turkey, you can see some of it’s great heritage. The country is a treasure chest of ancient history. It is the  home to an astounding number of ancient cultures and the cradle of 10 of the world's greatest civilisations. From Hittite and Assyrian to Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine cultures, each group has left relics that can be found in many corners of the country.

Your Turkish dream home

Most foreign homebuyers lives in luxury apartments or villas mostly in faraway exotic locations near the sea. There are exclusive penthouses which offer you fantastic privacy and contempory lifestyle. Mostly situated on the top of apartments complexes, they make the most of their magnificent surroundings and breathtaking views.

Turkeys villas belong to the most luxury in Europe. Most villas have private pools outside. Other Mediterranean countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Cyprus have recently become extremely expensive and saturated.

Turkey has become an alternative overseas destination with a fresh property market.

The country offers many opportunities for international investors. If you, as a foreigner citizen, prefer buying a property at a very reasonable price which can use yourself for regular holidays in a country where the summer is nice and long, then Turkey is the most appropriate destination for you. Buying off-plan is a good investment as the price of the property will increase normally before the property has been paid for!

Property prices in Turkey and the cost of living are much lower than in other Mediterranean neighbour countries like Spain and Italy. If you invest now you can expect a substantial increase in your investment.

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