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Turkish people are proud on their meals, and count their kitchen to the three ´grandes cuisines', together with the Chinese and the French kitchen. And if you agree or not, fact is that most people who travel to Turkey for the first time are surprised pleasantly by the Turkish cuisine..


Generally the Turkish cuisine has been based on fresh fruit and vegetables, grilled meat and a lot of types of salad. The several dishes are frequently accompanied with yoghurt-sauces.

The ultimate culinary joy of the Turkish themselves, is formed by the ‘meze’: warm and cold appetizers, which frequently come instead of a complete meal.

To compose such meze-meal, the lords of the company walk into the kitchen, examine and inspect the offer, discuss that with the cook, give indications concerning the preparation whereas the waiter follows the conversation and notes the menu. Then on table appears countless small saucers with several foods, the indispensable bottle Raki - the national aniseed drink, and of course the indispensable fresh bread. Then the visitors sit down to dinner and stay there mostly deep into the night. When they leave the table they have told each other stories while eating very calm, thereby drunk firmly and frequently ordered some food during the evening.

Water and bread are always served at eating. Or as the Turkish say, a stomach does not fill himself without a piece of bread at the meal.

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