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Food transcending into a rich culinary piece of art with it's mystics and history awakening the world's taste senses.

Turkish cuisine is considered to be one of the grand cuisines (top 3) of the world due to its variety of recipes and distinctive tastes. Turkey has the unique combination of geography, history and ecology, this reflects in the present culinary lifestyle and culture.


Turkey is located in a crossroad of different continents (Europe, Africa and Asia) and three different seas (The Black Sea, The Aegean and The Mediterranean Sea). The immense big land with its various landscape, climate and fertile soil makes Turkey one of the few countries in the world that can feed its own population and supply the world with various food products.  The influence of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire has played an important role in the Turkish cuisine. During the Ottoman Empire the Sultans and the supremacy employed more than thousands of kitchen staff and scores of Chefs. In the huge palace kitchens, the kitchen staff had to fulfil the demands of the Sultan with their gastronomic highlights.

With all these heirs, customs and traditions the Turkish people remain in touch with their own distinctive culinary authenticity. Religious holidays, festivities (weddings, births) and ceremonies are celebrated with an abundance of fine meals. Because the preparations can be quite time consuming neighbours will help each other. During these festivities or special occasions it is common that the meals are shared with neighbours and guests. The sacrifice holiday and the asure month (Noah’s pudding) is a good example of this. The hospitality and this sharing character is therefore an important social aspect of the Turkish culture and their way of life.

This all makes Turkish cuisine rich and unique.

Restaurant Ece Saray in Fethiye

Restaurant Ece Saray in Fethiye

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