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* Tripe soup  (işkembe çorbası)

* Red Split Lentil soup  (Mercimek çorbası)

* Yogurt soup (yayla çorbası)

* Vermicelli soup  (Şehriye çorbası)

Soups are nourishing, natural and varied in Turkey. They have traditional importance and a Turkish meal usually starts with a thin soup with a low consistency. Before the popularisation of the typical Turkish breakfast, soup was the default morning meal for most households. Eaten on every meal, soups are warm and misty, to help us in cold winter days.

Lentil soup is the most common and best loved variety. Lentil soup and chicken soup are cooked by every housewife. Red lentil soup is a Turkish favorite and is good to be served with bread prior to your main dish.

Fish soup prepared in coastal regions adds different tastes to Turkish cuisine. Beef's tribe soup is a help to imbibed stomachs after a long night of drinking raki; wedding soup made of mutton neck is served on wedding feasts.  

In Turkey there are several soups made with yogurt. One of them is Yayla Corbasi. It is a warm restorative soup thickened with rice and a beaten egg. Long winters are best endured with the help of yogurt soup and meatballs flavored with aromatic herbs found in the mountains, and endless servings of tea.

Enjoy the Turkish Soups.

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