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Chicken Breast Pudding (Tavuk Göğüsü)

Chicken Breast Pudding (Tavuk Göğüsü)Cook chicken breast in water to cover, over low heat in a saucepan 20 minutes.
Drain and bone tear breast into very thin hair fibre sizes. Set aside and chill.
Cover rice with warm water for 2 ½ hours.
Drain and place into a food process bowl.
Process until well ground.

Mix ground rice with milk in a saucepan and blend well.
Cook over low heat for a few minutes stirring constantly.
Reduce heat.
Add sugar and mix well.

Cook over very low heat until sugar is dissolved.
Remove from heat.
Pour into dessert bowls, sprinkle with cinnamon.
Serve cold.
Servings 6

Chicken breast
Cracked rice 
0,5 medium size (100g) 
3/4 cup
4 cups   
1,25 cups     
1 teaspoon 
1/4 cup

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