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Turkey, the country you'll never get bored in!

You like sailing? Or maybe you like a visit to an ancient culture? You like the turkish cuisine and a good dinner with family or friends during your sunny holiday? All this and a lot more is possible in one of the most beautiful and versatile countries in the world: TURKEY
The world exist three major kinds of cuisine: Chinese, French and Turkish. When you visit Turkey the Turkish Cuisine will be a pleasant surprise.The basis of  today’s Turkish Cuisine was established in very early times and is made of a great variety of delicious dishes which are a mixture of various delicacies inherent from different regions of the vast Ottoman Empire. In this site I offer you some recipes of the rich turkish kitchen and I hope you enjoy it.

Turkey Selcuk Ephesus Curetes Street Ruins Of Greco-Roman City BC320, Temple Of Hadrian

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